Who Are You -Who You Are Is Not Always Who You Want To Be
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Who Are You -Who You Are Is Not Always Who You Want To Be

Who Are You

Who you are is not always who you want to be. Life in general can have a helping hand in the production that people now see as you. Your environment, the neighborhood, the lack of having not enough or being spoiled and having too much that you don’t have to work for, can all mess us up as adults. As now wise adults we have to sit down and ask ourselves the hard questions. We have to look in the mirror and figure out exactly who we are and why we are like we are, and are we truly happy with it. For some of us we are over compensating for things we did not get as kids, trying to fulfill a void. Some of us are spoiled and just have to get what we want when we want. Either way it is a serious problem that needs to be fixed.
Why are you this way? Environment, upbringing, etc.,
Who do people say you are? (How do you think they view you?)
List and explain
Boss, Co-Workers, or if you are the boss your workers.
Organizations (Leadership groups, etc….)

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