Embrace New Beginnings Part 1 – eBook



Embrace New Beginnings – eBook

This is a download only eBook with 10 pages.

A sample of what is inside:

Let Go of The Past And Look Forward To The Future

Letting go of the past to move on is often easier said than done. Besides just enabling you to move forward, there are many other reasons why you must let go of past events. Because with a past weighing you down, you’ll never be able to greet the future with open arms.

The Past is The Past

First and foremost, you need to let go of the past because it is just that, the past. If you spend time and mental energy thinking about things that have happened or events you wished you could have prevented, this is valuable energy wasted. Instead of putting this energy into your future goals, you are putting them into something that will never change.

And if you spend too much time worrying about the past, you may soon find you’ve wasted away the present as well.

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